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2016 – Qt 1

This Week’s Lesson – 3/12/16 – 3/18/16

This week’s lesson – The Church Militant

“ ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me’ ” (Rev. 3:20, NKJV).

Revelation 3:14-21

To the Church in Laodicea

14 “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness,the ruler of God’s creation. 15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. 17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. Continue reading “This Week’s Lesson – 3/12/16 – 3/18/16”

This Week’s Lesson – 3/5/16 – 3/11/16

This week’s lesson – Peter on the Great Controversy

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Pet. 2:9, NKJV).

“Our efforts, our self-denial, our perseverance, must be proportionate to the infinite value of the object of which we are in pursuit. Only by overcoming as Christ overcame shall we win the crown of life.  “Man’s great danger is in being self-deceived, indulging self-sufficiency, and thus separating from God, the source of his strength.”1 Continue reading “This Week’s Lesson – 3/5/16 – 3/11/16”

This Week’s Lesson – 2/27/16 – 3/4/16

This week’s lesson – Paul and the Rebellion

“When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: ‘Death has been swallowed up in victory’ ” (1 Cor. 15:54, NIV).

“Every true minister feels a heavy responsibility for the spiritual advancement of the believers entrusted to his care, a longing desire that they shall be laborers together with God. He realizes that upon the faithful performance of his God-given work depends in a large degree the well-being of the church.  Earnestly and untiringly he seeks to inspire the believers with a desire to win souls for Christ, remembering that every addition to the church should be one more agency for the carrying out of the plan of redemption.”1 Continue reading “This Week’s Lesson – 2/27/16 – 3/4/16”

This Week’s Lesson – 2/20/16 – 2/26/16

This week’s lesson – The Great Controversy and the Early Church

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13, NIV).

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus” (Acts 4:13, NIV). Speaking of the church, Ellen G. White wrote, “During ages of spiritual darkness the church of God has been as a city set on a hill. From age to age, through successive generations, the pure doctrines of heaven have been unfolding within its borders. Enfeebled and defective as it may appear, the church is the one object upon which God bestows in a special sense His supreme regard. It is the theatre of his grace, in which He delights to reveal His power to transform hearts.”1 Continue reading “This Week’s Lesson – 2/20/16 – 2/26/16”

This Week’s Lesson – 2/13/16 – 2/20/16

This week’s Lesson – Comrades In Arms

“And they said to one another, ‘Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?’ ” (Luke 24:32, NKJV).

“Dangers unseen beset our path. Our only safety is in constant watchfulness and prayer. The nearer we live to Jesus, the more will we partake of His pure and holy character; and the more offensive sin appears to us, the more exalted and desirable will appear the purity and brightness of Christ.”1 Continue reading “This Week’s Lesson – 2/13/16 – 2/20/16”

This Week’s Lesson – 2/6/16 – 2/12/16

This week’s lesson – Jesus’ Teachings and the Great Controversy

“ ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest’ ” (Matt. 11:28, NIV).

“Scribes and rabbis, with their punctilious attention to religious forms, had a sense of want that rites of penance could never satisfy. Publicans and sinners might pretend to be content with the sensual and earthly, but in their hearts were distrust and fear. Jesus looked upon the distressed and heart burdened, those whose hopes were blighted, and who with earthly joys were seeking to quiet the longing of the soul, and He invited all to find rest in Him. Continue reading “This Week’s Lesson – 2/6/16 – 2/12/16”

This Week’s Lesson – 1/30/16 – 2/5/16

This week’s Lesson – Victory in the Wilderness

“ ‘For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost’ ” (Luke 19:10, NKJV).

“The adversary of souls is not permitted to read the thoughts of men; but he is a keen observer, and he marks the words; he takes account of actions, and skillfully adapts his temptations to meet the cases of those who place themselves in his power.”
–Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, bk. 1, pp. 122, 123.

“Just as surely as we have a personal Saviour, we have also a personal adversary, cruel and cunning, who ever watches our steps, and plots to lead us astray. . . . Wherever the opinion is entertained that he does not exist, there he is most busy. When we least suspect his presence, he is gaining advantage over us. I feel alarmed as I see so many of the youth yielding to his power while they know it not.”
— White, Sons and Daughters of God, p. 79.

This Week’s Lesson – 1/23/16 – 1/29/16

This week’s Lesson – The Controversy Continues

“And I told them of the hand of my God which had been good upon me, and also of the king’s words that he had spoken to me. So they said, ‘Let us rise up and build.’ Then they set their hands to this good work” (Neh. 2:18, NKJV).

“All who in that evil day would fearlessly serve God according to the dictates of conscience, will need courage, firmness, and a knowledge of God and His word; for those who are true to God will be persecuted, their motives will be impugned, their best efforts misinterpreted, and their names cast out as evil.

Satan will work with all his deceptive power to influence the heart and becloud the understanding, to make evil appear good, and good evil. The stronger and purer the faith of God’s people, and the firmer their determination to obey Him, the more fiercely will Satan strive to stir up against them the rage of those who, while claiming to be righteous, trample upon the law of God. It will require the firmest trust, the most heroic purpose, to hold fast the faith once delivered to the saints. . . .

“God desires His people to prepare for the soon-coming crisis. Prepared or unprepared, they must all meet it; and those only who have brought their lives into conformity to the divine standard, will stand firm at that time of test and trial. . . . When every other trust fails, then it will be seen who have an abiding trust in Jehovah. And while the enemies of truth are on every side, watching the Lord’s servants for evil, God will watch over them for good. He will be to them as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.”
–Ellen G. White, Prophets and Kings, p. 167.


This Week’s Lesson – 1/16/16 – 1/22/16

This week’s Lesson – Conflict and Crisis: The Judges

“And Hannah prayed and said: ‘My heart rejoices in the Lord; my horn is exalted in the Lord. I smile at my enemies, because I rejoice in Your salvation’ ” (1 Sam. 2:1, NKJV).
“From the very first communication of God with them at Sinai, they had been warned against idolatry. Immediately after proclamation of the law, the message was sent them by Moses, concerning the nations of Canaan: ‘Thou shall not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works; but thou shall utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images. And you shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee’ (Exodus 23:24, 25). The assurance was given so that so long as they remained obedient, God would subdue their enemies before them.”
–Ellen G. White, Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 543.
“Like Israel, Christians too often yield to the influence of the world and conform to its principles and customs, in order to secure the friendship of the ungodly; but in the end it will be found that these professed friends are the most dangerous of foes. The Bible plainly teaches that there can be no harmony between the people of God and the world. ‘Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.’ 1 John 3:13. Our Savior says, ‘Ye know that it hated Me before it hated you.’ John 15:18. Satan works through the ungodly, under cover of a pretended friendship, to allure God’s people into sin, that he may separate them from Him; and when their defense is removed, then he will lead his agents to turn against them and seek to accomplish their destruction.”
–Ellen G. White, Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 559.

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