This week’s lesson – Worship the Creator

The world is perishing for want of the gospel. There is a famine for the word of God. There are few who preach the word unmixed with human tradition. Though men have the Bible in their hands, they do not receive the blessing that God has placed in it for them. The Lord calls upon His servants to carry His message to the people. The word of everlasting life must be given to those who are perishing in their sins. Ellen G. White, Christ Object Lessons, p.228

The Bible is God’s word.  The Bible is power.  When we hold it in our hands, read it prayerfully, “eat” it as bread, and digest it mentally, it will change us from the inside, and it will make us everyday evangelists.  It will affect our lives in such a way that the lives of those around us will be made better through our influence–the influence of the Holy Spirit.