This week’s lesson – The “Change” of the Law

“The law is only an arrow to point us to the character of our true Hero, Jesus. He is the only One who can give us hope. Strangely enough, there’s one part of the law, of that arrow, that this dark and twisted world wants to change. It’s the part of the arrow that points us in the right direction—the arrowhead so to speak. It’s the part of the law that separates the Ten Commandments from every other moral code out there. It is the part of the law that commands us to rest. In this busy and complicated world, the Sabbath is like a refuge for us. That little crucial piece of the arrow that the world attacks is the piece that tells you and me to rest in Jesus.” –Casey Vaughn, CQ 5/5/2018

“The warfare against God’s law will continue until the end of time. All will be called to choose between the law of God and the laws of men. There will be but two classes. Every character will be fully developed. All will show whether they have chosen the side of loyalty or that of rebellion.

“Then the end will come. God will vindicate His law and deliver His people. Satan and all who join him in rebellion will be cut off. Sin and sinners will perish, root and branch.” – Ellen G. White, From Heaven with Love, p. 510.