Wayne SDA Collegiate Sabbath School Class

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August 2016

This Week’s Lesson -August 27-September 2

This week’s lesson – Jesus Won Their Confidence

“The means that he [Nehemiah] lacked he solicited from those who were able to bestow. And the Lord is still willing to move upon the hearts of those in possession of His goods, in behalf of the cause of truth. Those who labor for Him are to avail themselves of the help that He prompts men to give. . . . The donors may have no faith in Christ, no acquaintance with His word; but their gifts are not on this account to be refused.” – Ellen G. White, Prophets and Kings, p. 634.

This Week’s Lesson – August 20-26

This week’s lesson: Jesus Ministered To Their Needs

“Remember that you can break down the severest opposition by taking a personal interest in the people whom you meet. Christ took a personal interest in men and women while He lived on this earth. Wherever He went He was a medical missionary. We are to go about doing good, even as He did. We are instructed to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the sorrowing.” – Ellen G. White, Welfare Ministry, p. 162.

This Week’s Lesson – August 13-19

This week’s lesson: Jesus Showed Sympathy

“The weight of the grief of ages was upon Him. He saw the terrible effects of the transgression of God’s law. He saw that in the history of the world, beginning with the death of Abel, the conflict between good and evil had been unceasing. Looking down the years to come, He saw the suffering and sorrow, tears and death, that were to be the lot of men. His heart was pierced with the pain of the human family of all ages and in all lands. The woes of the sinful race were heavy upon His soul, and the fountain of His tears was broken up as He longed to relieve all their distress.” – Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 534.

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